What is a Community Action Plan (CAP)?

A Community Action Plan (CAP) is a practical plan that communities (workplace, school, club, or organisation) develop together to safely build supports to prevent and reduce suicide. These plans are established around the specific needs of each group and are aligned with the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Strategy (2023–2027).

Project Officers from Relationships Australia (who auspice the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network (TSPCN)) will be on hand to support communities in developing their own unique plan. Additionally, you have the opportunity to a small grant between $500-2000 to support your initiatives.

How can a CAP help?

Decrease stigma relating to mental health and suicide through increasing conversation and knowledge of mental health and factor contributing to suicide.

Increase awareness of local supports and connections opportunities and promote help-seeking.

Build capacity for communities to recognise and response when someone is experiencing a hard time.

Empowering communities to part of the solution and support their peers.

How long does it take to develop a CAP?

The timeline depends on the pace you set. However, typically, from the initial meeting (stage one) through to endorsement (stage 6) it takes about six months.

How does a CAP get developed?

There are typically six stages to developing a CAP:

Contact us to let us know a little about your community and why you would like to develop a CAP

We will arrange a time to meet with you to discuss the process and how it will best fit with your needs

We will support you in developing a community consultation to understand the strength and areas to focus on so your CAP ‘actions’ can meet the needs of your community

We will work with you to define the ‘actions’ from your consultation which are the foundation of your CAP

We will take the lead on writing up your CAP and work with you until you are happy with the final document

We will present your CAP to the Relationship Australia Leadership Team for endorsement and sign off to release the grant funds

We will check in with you to see how you are going and provide additional support if needed

What does a CAP look like?

With thanks to some of the organisations we have worked with, you can read of some recent CAPs below.

Interested in developing a CAP?

That’s great! Contact us, we’re here to support you.

Tasmania's first Suicide Prevention Strategy

Example CAPs

Blueline Hobart

Huon Valley Council

Launceston City Council

Monks & Co

North Hobart Football Club