Gallery of images from the 2024 LiFE Awards Celebratory dinner.

Tasmanian LiFE Awards

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, the Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network (TSPCN) celebrated the 19th Annual LiFE Awards, recognizing excellence in suicide prevention in Tasmania. The Tasmanian LiFE Awards acknowledged and celebrated the life-affirming work in suicide prevention that Tasmanians were doing across the state. Suicide prevention continued to be an ongoing need in Tasmania; however, these Awards highlighted the passion, commitment, and achievements from Tasmanians contributing to this challenging and incredibly important field.

The awards were based on the national LiFE framework, which recognized that suicide prevention was a whole-of-community responsibility and promoted collaborative action by all Australians. LiFE stood for Living is For Everyone.

The awards acknowledged and celebrated the life-affirming work in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention that Tasmanians were doing across the state. This prestigious state-wide event attracted diverse nominations with an interest in suicide prevention and support for those affected by suicide across Tasmania.

Suicide prevention could look like many things. Previous nominations had included grassroots programs such as goat yoga to enhance community connection; workplaces putting employee mental health at the forefront of their strategic priorities; to crisis intervention work such as those actively engaging and working to support people experiencing suicidality. The awards celebrated the commitment and energy of the nominees and their vital contribution to the reduction of suicide within our communities. Every nomination held great significance in highlighting the valuable contributions made throughout Tasmania, as well as the capacity to inspire others about what they could do to help prevent suicide.

Our Winners for 2024

Outstanding Contribution – Jane Austin

Communities in Action – Eureka Clubhouse

Outstanding Contribution by a Young Person – Meriem Daoui

Innovative Practice and Research – Laura Grattidge

Best Practice in a Workplace – The Kingsway Barbershop

NEW AWARD! Exceptional Contribution to Suicide Prevention in Tasmania – CORES Australia


There are five award categories which you can explore below.

The Outstanding Contribution LiFE Award recognises individuals in Tasmania who work to reduce the rate and impact of suicide. Whether they are volunteers or working in paid positions, their efforts, insight, and initiative make our communities stronger and more resilient. They provide the necessary tools to those struggling with the idea that life is not worth living and support individuals and communities. They advocate for better services in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.

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The Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention LiFE Award acknowledges the crucial role that communities play in identifying and taking action towards suicide prevention. This award recognises any group or community, whether it’s a community group, a sports club, or a hobby group, that works together to prevent suicide. This may involve developing a local plan for mental wellbeing and suicide prevention or organising activities that bring the community together to facilitate social connection and provide opportunities to discuss mental health and suicide prevention.

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The Outstanding Contribution by a Young Person LiFE Award recognises those under the age of 30 who are actively working towards reducing the rate and impact of suicide in Tasmania. This award honours those who demonstrate commitment and passion in promoting positive well-being and suicide prevention, whether through volunteering or by exceeding expectations in their professional roles.

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The Innovative Practice and Research LiFE Award recognises outstanding contributions in the field of suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention through innovative practices and/or research. This award aims to acknowledge research that strengthens our understanding of effective suicide prevention strategies, including those addressing recent events that threaten mental health. It also aims to recognise individuals or groups who have adopted novel and unique approaches to suicide prevention.

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The Best Practice Workplace Suicide Prevention LiFE Award acknowledges the commitment and action of workplaces towards preventing suicide and promoting positive mental wellbeing among their employees. This award recognises workplaces that have supported mentally safe work environments, such as increasing capacity to recognise and respond when a colleague may need support, and ensuring a progressive and positive culture around mental health.

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Nomination Guidelines & Tips

  • Individuals, groups, or organisations can only be nominated in one category per year.
  • LiFE Awards winners can reapply after one year has elapsed (i.e., if awarded as a winner in 2023, you cannot reapply until 2025).
  • An organisation may nominate a different campaign, event, or initiative on the condition that there is significant difference to the previous year’s LiFE Award.
  • Try to be concise and capture the key activities, values, and commitments the nominee has displayed.
  • In your written nomination, it is okay to use dot points where relevant.
  • Stick to activities that have already been completed or commenced as opposed to future initiatives or plans.
  • If nominee is in a paid position, try to highlight how they work beyond the expectations of the role.

Nomination Support & Process

  • The 2024 nominations are now closed.
  • The Tasmania Suicide Prevention Team are available to support you in writing your nomination, get in touch if you would like some help, we would be really happy to help.
  • Once you have submitted your nomination, the Relationships Australia Suicide Prevention Team will contact the Nominee to check they are happy to be included.
  • Nominations will be presented to an independent judging panel.
  • Nominees will be invited to attend an Award Ceremony in Hobart on 21 March 2024, where the winners will be announced at the special evening event.

Award Recipients

With thanks to our award sponsors, each category winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000 to be used for education, research, activity, or resources related to suicide prevention, intervention or postvention.

Award recipients are nominated for a National LiFE Award, which are organised by Suicide Prevention Australia. Finalists will be recognised at the annual National Suicide Prevention Conference.

Previous award winners have chosen to use the funds to best meet the needs of their community, for example:

  • To deliver mental health or suicide prevention training to employees or the community.
  • To engage a speaker to address their community and further increase awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.
  • To organise a community event recognising World Suicide Prevention Day.
  • To attend the National Suicide Prevention Australia Conference.


The judging panel will be comprised of three independent judges; a representative with lived experience, an active Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Community Network (TSPCN) member and a representative from a governing body.

The judging panel will assess entries against the following criteria:

  • What the nominee does in their role/s. What personal values and skills they bring to suicide prevention.
  • What the benefits/impacts of the nominee’s contribution in suicide prevention are to the Tasmanian community.

Previous Winners

The Tasmanian LiFE Awards has a long and inspiring history, you can read about the exceptional work previous winners have done in their communities to prevent suicide.

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